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The yarn used for Lagnamelagna clothes is obtained from the natural undercoat of the Kashmir goat, the down that protects the animal from the wide temperature fluctuations that characterise the Asian region of origin.

Each animal supplies only around 200 grams of down a year and, to obtain an even finer, thinner yarn, Lagnamelagna selects only the softest down from beneath the animal's throat, where it has been protected from the elements. Such a valuable raw material is different from all other types of cashmere and is suitable for making clothes of the highest quality.
Demand for cashmere continues to grow all around the world and, as a result, the need for the raw material is rising and, with it, the price. Increased competition and the growing demand for the fibre has led to a greater degree of contamination. Sheep's wool is mixed with de-haired cashmere and the resulting mixture is sold as pure cashmere. When buying cashmere, therefore, close attention must be paid to the label to check the declared percentage of cashmere.



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