Poncho Lagnamelagna.

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Poncho Lagnamelagna.

Autumn has arrived and with it the first coolness: cardigan, jackets and coats are the first allies, but if you like to playwith their heads, and you love to be a bit 'eccentric, then in your closet will certainly miss the poncho .

Even before it became a trend, the history of the poncho began with the indigenous peoples of Latin America:
sleeveless, one piece of fabric and with two openings, one for the head and the other by the arms, have made it a leader
who managed to lose all that golden thanks to the interpretation of contemporary folk who made the great designers of high fashion.

The poncho , like many clothing, was born out of necessity 'to warm the body and repair it from the rain.

Today, however, and 'used as a fashion accessory. It 'a versatile garment and can' be used both day and evening over a stylish dress.

The Cashmere ponchos Lagnamelagna not 'one winter garment but it' also perfect for mid-season, worn over the clothes without the need to go with it under a jacket.

A classic look to match the poncho and 'the couple hat more' high boots for a very fine result and chic.

If and 'colored or patterned instead to make it stand out even more choose a total black look, perfect with skinny jeans and high heels.


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