As Lagnamelagna cashmere is a direct manufacturer, you can have your garment made in the colour you prefer and your own specific size.

Visit our digital showroom and choose the garment you like best.

When you have chosen the model, enter the description page where you can buy the garments on line ready for delivery.

What happens for example, if there is the colour you like but your size is out of stock?

No problem, our software will suggest what you should do to customize the garment, ordering it from the vast colour range and the best size to fit you.

The Measurement Table is always included in the order form for each garment.

You should refer to this, with a margin of 2% given the specific nature of cashmere and the manufacturing processes.

At no extra cost, you can by your customized Lagnamelagna cashmere garment.

Is that not enough?

The program will now guide you to the Made to Measure cashmere knitwear where you can click on the key to give us your personal measurements.

Only in the “Made to Measure” section, given the changes to the manufacturing process, the price is increased by 20%, as shown in the order form and confirmation email you will receive with details on the payment.

We will need 15 working days to manufacture and post your customized or made to measure cashmere garment directly to your home.