Lagnamelagna pure italian cachemire

Nicola Camurri, Lagnamelagna

Lagnamelagna Cashmere was launched in 1996 when a youthful entrepreneur called Nicola Camurri from Carpi nurtured the dream of making knitwear that stood out for the quality of the raw materials and the excellence of the craftsmanship.

It began almost as a bit of fun, carefree experimentation in seeking out the most precious cashmere in order to give customers a unique, almost tailor-made product.

That adventure turned into a solid, dynamic business that led to an invitation to take part in 2004 and 2005 in the “Luxury and Yacht” show, the renowned trade fair for luxury goods held in Verona.

In 2006, the company was invited to Rome by the Ministry of Manufacturing to take part in the ‘Treasure Trove of Italy’ exhibition at Palazzo Ruspoli, a showcase for ‘Made in Italy’ excellence in craftsmanship, by invitation only.

Lagnamelagna was the pet name Nicola’s mother, Maria Clara, gave him as a child, taken from a children’s book entitled ‘Lagna Melania’, which told the story of a stubborn, wilful and mischievous child but one who, above all, was determined… and that’s where it all began.