How to take care of cashmere

Cashmere is a “living” fibre and that's why, unlike other, less noble yarns, it requires special treatment and care.

After wearing the garment for a couple of days at most, it’s best to let it “rest” so that its fibres can return to their original shape.

When first worn, the garment needs to shed any excess fibres and this can lead to the formation of unsightly bobbles.

This completely natural phenomenon is commonly known as “pilling”.

All that’s needed is a “running in” period, between purchase and the second wash, for the garment to fully display all its splendour and extraordinary qualities.

To ensure the item retains its excellent quality, give it all the attention it needs. Wash the article gently in warm water at a maximum temperature of 30°C, after a rapid spin.

Lay it horizontally to dry, placing a white towel inside in order to absorb any excess water.

Turn the article inside out before gently ironing with a steam iron.

N.B: Some leaders are to be dry cleaned because they have genuine leather inserts.